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Despite its pronounced seasonality, the Algarve has its own life.

Its true that the summer months are the preferred for evening outings in a region where tourism beach, sea and sun are the main activity, but there are bars open all the year.

July, August and September are the months that Algarve receives the greatest amount of tourists due to its  fantastic beaches, including those frequented by gays.

From around the world, the region receives thousands of tourists hungry for pleasure and fun. In this time of the year is when the renowned nightlife of the Algarve reaches its peak.


The most touristic and cosmopolitan area of the Algarve, is naturally the most frequented by gays. Its why Albufeira has in recent years been recognized as the gay capital of the Algarve. Is in this city that there is a greater variety of gay bars and many other gay friendly.

The other cities where we can find other gay venues is in Vilamoura, Portimão, Faro and Tavira.

Note that most gay bars in Algarve don't get busy before 01:00, usually the best time is between 02:00 and 05:00.

Here is a selection of gay bars& clubs in the Algarve:

Gay Bars & Clubs


Heaven Club (Gay)


Travessa São Pedro nº10, 800 Faro

Bar/Club opened in the end of 2012 in the center of Faro, on the Algarve's capital city strip. 

This bar is not dependent on the seasonal tourist flows like other city's in the Algarve, so it presents itself always crowded, especially on weekends.
Mainly frequented by locals, has a mixed clientele divided by boys and girls.
This bar features almost daily drag shows of local artists and with many surprises everyday.
Stay informed of all the news  of this bar through their facebook page


Espelho (Gay Friendly)

Monday to Sunday  - 10:00 to 03:00 PM

Avenida Sà Carneiro 81, Albufeira

In english "Espelho" means Mirror.
This is the object that gives the name to this micro bar situated on the main bar street in Albufeira, the famous Oura Strip . This bar is very admired by everyone because of its extravagant décor and at the same time very delicate.
This bar serves as a meeting point for many gays to start the night journey. Has a very comfortable terrace, that in the summer is almost full of gays who want to see and be seen.
More info in the Facebook 

Boémio Disco (Gay Club)

Wednesday to Sunday -23:00 to 06:00
Rua de S. José, 28, 8500-615 Portimão 

Boémio is the oldest LGBT club in the Algarve, now aged 20.

Situated in the old town of Portimão, this club is already part of the Algarve's gay nightlife history.
Frequented by gays and lesbians of all ages, this club plays alternative music and is also known for  drag shows.
Drag Shows: Fridays, Saturdays and eve of holidays.

On Sundays the animation is on Karaoke.

Free WI-FI internet in the disco

Summer open all days.

Get more info on their Facebook page




Loft Portimão (Gay Club)

Friday and Saturday - 23h00 to 06h00

Rua da Olivença, 5, 8500-611 Portimão

The Loft is the name of the new gay club of Portimão, opened on February 8th.
Property of the same old gay nightclubs in Albufeira and Portimão (the Pride's), The Loft now open under another concept and concentrated on another audiences.
Larger and more airy than the Vilamoura's Pride, this new club promises to replace Portimao in the Algarve gay map, as this city goes well after two LGBT nightclubs.
Recent music (mostly House), good atmosphere and beautiful people is what this new home promises.
Keep up to date through their facebook page

Face Café (Gay Café-Bar)

Monday to Saturday - 16h00 to 02h00

Rua da Olivença,5, 8500- 611- Portimão

From the same owners of the Loft Club and located in the same building, the Face Café is an appetizer for the club next door.

Relaxed place withoutgreat pretensions, this Café is a bowl place to meet with friends before entry seriously into the night.


Has several attractions, from drag shows and themed parties. Also serve light meals.


Latino Club ( Gay club on Sundays)

Sundays - 21h00 to 04h00

Estrada Quatro Àguas, 8000 Tavira


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